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Automatic control of lights

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Lighting for every occasion at the touch of a button

Light plays an irreplaceable role in any home, and every occasion demands a different lighting scene. For a romantic dinner, go for a dimmer light, but to set the stage for a good party, perhaps go for brighter or even color lighting. You can save your favorite program settings and set them to run when the time is right.

Remote control

Control your home from anywhere. With the convenient app for mobile devices, you can open the garage door to receive a package, or switch the heating back on to prepare your home for your arrival from holiday.

Play your favorite tunes in every room

Whether it’s just for background music, or a central element of the evening with friends, enjoy your favorite music as it accompanies you in any and every room. Imagine walking into the bathroom in the morning and being greeted with your favorite radio station. What a good start to the day!

App controlled video intercom

Find comfort and a sense of security in the smart home app where you have remote access to the video intercom so you don’t just see who’s by the door, but also answer it from anywhere and let your visitors in.

Make movie-night every night

Whether you‘re settling down to the latest episode of your favorite show, or snuggling up to watch a film, you can transform your living room with just the flick of a switch. One click is all it takes to switch on the TV, close the blinds and dim the lights, creating the perfect movie night atmosphere.

Automatic blind control

No matter the season or the time of day, your blinds will always know how to react to the weather to keep you comfortable. In the winter you will be woken up by natural light and the energy of the sun will be harnessed to assist in the heating of your home. In the summer, the blinds provide protection, keeping rooms from getting too hot.


Panic Button

If you are frightened or get a bad feeling, a button next to your bed triggers the panic alarm: all the lights come on and flash brightly, the blinds open and the siren can sound. At the same time, an automatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

Defend against intruders

If the alarm is triggered, the blinds are raised, the lights are switched on and a siren noise is played at full volume throughout the house to shock and deter the intruder.

Always keeping an eye out

Your intelligent home system is always ready to recognize the dangers of wind, water, fire or smoke and immediately inform you by phone. For example in a storm, wind sensors protect external blinds and awnings against damage by signaling them to retract.

Immediately informed when it matters

In case of emergency – be it a burglary, fire or flooding, you can have your home call you immediately and alert you to the situation.

Presence Simulation

Burglars often prey on homes with residents gone on holiday. Your Smart Home can simulate your activity at home from the past week during your absence. Now when you‘re away on holiday, the lights can switch on and off and the blinds can go up and down, so it looks like someone‘s home.

Combined sensors

You can carefully budget your smart alarm system by making use of existing components in your home. You may already have motion sensors for your lighting – why not use them for the alarm too?


Optimise Energy Consumption

Maximise your energy efficiency and have the Miniserver run your dishwasher or washing machine only when enough electricity is produced by your photovoltaic system, saving you having to buy it from the grid.

Standby Killer

Many home-based appliances throughout the house unnecessarily drain energy in standby mode, regardless of whether or not you’re home. By connecting all of these devices to a centralized system, you can switch off all power-hungry standby units and reduce electricity bills with just the push of a button.

Uncover potential energy savings

With the statistics function you can record, visualise, identify and eliminate energy guzzlers and discover where there are potential energy savings to be made.

Smart customized heating

Forget compromises. In an intelligent home every room is always at just the right temperature for you. Smart heating learns how long your rooms take to heat up to ensure you are comfortable, while also saving energy.

Intelligently harness the sun's power

Use the energy from the sun to bring your rooms to a comfortable temperature. The blinds are kept open during the day until the room reaches its desired temperature, and then lowered to prevent overheating, always maintaining optimal comfort.

Central off switch

No matter where you are, with the click of a switch or through the app on your phone, you can switch off the lights throughout the whole house.


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